Oh baby!

Take my hand in yours and lead me to paradise, make me walk on the fallen autumn leaves. I’ll smile my sweetest smile and let you caress my face. You can watch me… Continue reading

Bidding adieu! 2017, you have been kind.

“Years, lovers, and glasses of wine; these things must not be counted.” – Anthony Capella   The rub of stubble on my bare shoulder and the kiss stolen while I wasn’t looking, these haven’t… Continue reading

What does your future look like?

What is it like to make plans for the next 5, 10 and 20 years. What is it like to worry about the future you would like to have for the next few… Continue reading

Hello 30s!

I turned 30. I got my first white hair. My body is changing. 10 more to go!  

Focus. Focus. Focus.


What my mother sacrificed for my family.

My mother has been the strongest pillar of support for our family. She got it from her mother I think, her ability to adapt to situations, take on challenges effortlessly and manage within what… Continue reading

Itch in the crotch.

This is a Hush Hush post. There are experiences in our lives of which people want us to shut up about. Do not talk about it they say, do not tell anybody, and… Continue reading

Why we should wake up with hope.

A close friend’s best friend passed away after falling off the balcony. He wanted to use the restroom in the night, in the semi-sleepy state he walked into the next door, which was… Continue reading

Travel diaries- Bandaramaram

I’m sitting in the front yard, watching people drink and discuss sea food while eating fried fish and boiled peanuts. Oh wait, also cucumber which has been diced with red chilly powder, and… Continue reading

What my Woman’s Day is like.

It isn’t by choice, I am born this way. And my parent’s didn’t get to decide my gender either. But I’m here now. Today is Women’s day. A day when women are celebrating… Continue reading